Here’s How Bugatti Made the Chiron Commercial Without One

Bugatti Chiron Commercial

Ever wondered if you need the actual car to film a car commercial? You don’t. Bugatti hired the experts at SLGH to film their all new Chiron commercial without actually using a Chiron. They used a doner Bugatti Veyron instead and applied a CGI modeled body on to it.

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SLGH worked their magic with the old Veyron by placing markers on the body to easily track the car on the software and adjust the new body on it. This was easier than most projects due to the similarities between the Veyron and the new Chiron.

Now you might be wondering why they didn’t actually use the car since it’s Bugatti and they can do anything. Well, the car wasn’t actually produced yet and they wanted to sell customers prior to the release so they simply faked a commercial. Do you think it’s false advertising to do such thing?Bugatti Chiron in Saudi Arabia


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