Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycles Within 5 Years

Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycles

A couple of years ago; if you asked me about electric land vehicles I would feel nauseated at the though of replacing petrol engines with electric ones. But yet here I am writing about electric cars and motorcycles years later with nothing to feel.

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But now the virus is spreading to motorcycles and the last company i ever though would embrace electric technology was none other than the loud and infamous American Harley Davidson.

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I mean would you have ever imagined seeing these words together being put in one sentence “Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycles”, yea neither did we. I mean to be honest, this is the “LiveWire” concept they have been talking about for years but I thought they were just trying to look modern, not anymore.

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Here is a snippet from Sean Cummings – Harley Senior Vice President of Global Demand “Harley-Davidson will produce an electric motorcycle for customer within the next five years. Motorcycles that actually require engineering and design, not just a different fuel tank and extra letters – take roughly three to five years, from concept to completion.”

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If you happen to be one of those people who want to purchase one of these Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycles, then you would have to wait for quite some time. Because Harley Davidson is waiting for battery technology to improve before they stick one in their motorcycle.

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