Is This the Greatest Car Commercial of All Time?

Greatest car commercial of all time?

We’ve seen plenty of car ads that manage to gripe us into splurging our hard earned money on some fancy metal. But could this be the greatest car commercial of all time? We sure think so.

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we came across this beauty while browsing for Jaguar’s new 2018 F-Type, which is without a doubt one of the most beautiful sports sedans you can buy today. Although it might not be as fast as the bonkers Porsche 911 Turbo S, it stomps it in the looks department.

Ok, watch the video below and tell me you don’t want one;

What makes it so great you may ask? How about that ludacris exhaust rumble, the animalistic pops and crackles, the absolute sheer beauty rolling down the mountain roads? But the most compelling factor is the simplicity of the commercial.

Jaguar knows they have something worth buying, so they simply end the video with “enough said” instead of some cheesy line trying to persuade you into buying.

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