Gran Turismo Sport Could Be The Most Realistic Car Sim Ever?

Gran Turismo Sport

Some of the best game titles include the Forza series, the Gran Turismo franchise, “The Crew” and Need for Speed. But did you even see the new Gran Turismo Sport with its stunning virtual racing life-like graphics?

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Gran Turismo Sport BMW M4 Coupe

The graphics are so realistic that some were able to fool people into believing they were shot with a real camera; the most believable one was the BMW M4 picture featured in this article. The game was developed by the same studio called Polyphony Digital in Japan and they used a new technique to achieve this level of realism.

Polyphony Digital credits this accurate depiction of real-life to their use of HDR (High-Dynamic Range) imagery supported by the new Playstation 4 Pro consoles. This helps improve lighting, reflection and overall details of the environment. Because rather than interacting with a virtual world scenery, the cars can now show reflections from real HDR images captured at the same locations and also receive light from them as well.

Gran Turismo Sport Acura NSX

And the results are stunning because Polyphony Digital developed a camera that can capture HDR images with 100 times the dynamic range you would see in typical cameras.

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Gran Turismo Sport Mitsubishi Evolution

Gran Turismo produced Kazunori Yamauchi said that; “The world of HDR is something that most of the world hasn’t stepped into. It’s really uncharted territory. Three years ago when we started developing Gran Turismo Sport, there were actually no HDR images anywhere in the world.”

Gran Turismo Sport AMG A25

Besides Gran Turismo Sport being a sim racing game rather than an arcade racing game, it can be very entertaining at times. Although many gamers prefer the arcade style of virtual racing simply because they are much more fun to play.

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