Google Releases Waze Carpool Ridesharing Service


Google has just released their own version of the reinvented ride-sharing service in San Francisco Bay Area. The Waze Carpool app adds extra services to Waze which is an App Google purchased years ago. Waze uses a precise navigation service and enables drivers to warn each other of road hazards, radars and police trap cameras.

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The new Waze Carpool app will probably go head to head with Lyft and Uber, but introduces a different set of requirements and restrictions to the riders. For instance; riders can only get two rides a day (a round trip commute to and from work for example) and drivers are not required to pass a background check, Something Uber and lyft requires.

The main selling point for Waze Carpool is the lower cost. This was achieved by using a different ride-sharing system than Uber and Lyft. The system adapts a true ride sharing style where trips can be incidental (Co-workers pickup others on there way to work to a destination they already go to everyday) as opposed to the for-hire service similar to a Taxi that Uber and Lyft adapt. Time reports: “Additionally, drivers apparently won’t be making a profit. Instead, they’re allowed to collect a maximum of 54 cents per mile, just enough to cover fuel and wear and tear costs for a commute they were going to take anyway. Google reportedly won’t take a cut from the driver’s earnings (for now).”



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