Ford Mustang GT350R Driven In the UAE

The Mustang GT350R is no stranger to danger, it’s literally the best Mustang ever made for the track and possibly one of the best muscle cars ever. Youtuber SMHEE1500 takes it for a spin in Abu Dhabi, UAE streets for an actual real-life test.

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Recently we gave the new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS a go and pitted it against the Ford Mustang GT – Read the article here – and the Camaro SS came out on top, simply because it felt like the better sportscar.

Best booty & color ever?

The Mustang GT350R is something else though, it features one of the baddest naturally aspirated V8s that produces 526-hp and comes with a six-speed manual transmission only. It also has one of the best rear ends i have ever seen and that blue color code is icing on the cake.

Mustang GT350R Carbon fiber wheels

Carbon fiber wheels, a unique aero-kit, suspension tweaks and a huge rear spoiler set it apart from the standard GT350. Hell, they even ditched the boot carpeting, most of the amenities and the rear seats. Gone is the cheap Chinese Tremec manual transmission from the GT as well.

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Comparing the Mustang GT350R to the normal GT350 is insane, Ford says that it would cost you a lot more to do the conversion than if you would buy it from the factory due to the huge list of changes including magnetic shocks. The suspension has been completely revised with different spring rates and antiroll bars, electronically controlled dampers and a lower ride height. technically, you wouldn’t need the R unless you like to track your car – just like you would go for a Porsche GT3 instead of purchasing the GT3RS.

Priced at around $61,000 or 360,000 dirhams – it is quite expensive for a muscle/track car. But don’t forget that the carbon fiber wheels themselves cost $19,000, and it’s only $10,000 more than the standard GT350 making it a very interesting proposition for any auto enthusiast out there.

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