First Ford GT Production Models Roll Off the Production Line

The first production versions of the Ford GT just rolled off the production line in Ontario, Canada’s production line. This was the short video released by Ford to celebrate the release.

Apparently, the first example built for production will be in the name of Ford’s Executive Chairman “Bill Ford” although it isn’t clear which example is his.

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Then of course, we see Raj Nair the executive vice president drive one of the production models painted in black and finished off with orange stripes, specified for marketing.

As you may know, getting on the list of owners was very difficult as Ford had you fill applications that were similar to a final essay you had to submit on judgement day. Most of the people who were sent an application were celebrities and some were even famous Youtubers like Shme150.

Production will be limited to 250 units per year and the first 500 Ford GT models have already been accounted for by interested buyers through the application process. After receiving 6,000 applications, it’s safe to say the Ford GT isn’t lacking any sort of popularity.

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