Ferrari Rivaling Aston Martin Mid-Engine Supercar Coming in 2020

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin is in talks of producing over seven standalone cars in the next seven years according to its second century business plan. The DB11 was the first car to be released from these seven cars back in 2016.

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“In 2019 we’ll have DBX, then we’ll have, for the sake of argument, let’s call it a [Ferrari] 488 competitor. Then we have Lagonda, which is Lagonda One and Lagonda Two. Each car has a seven-year life, so in 2023 you have DB12,” Palmer told Auto Express.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, also discuss that the Valkyrie hypercar is a great hypercar but it’s not going to sell as much as a Ferrari 488 competitor, it’s like a more mainstream model that everyone can purchase. With enough money.

Furthermore, the DB-X should borrow a lot of design cues from the Valkyrie, it could also have Adrian Newey – Red Bull Racing’s star aerodynamicist pitch in with the design.

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