This is what it feels like to crash at 370mph

When I first read the title, i thought to myself that this is going to hurt.. But then I realized the crash was at 370 mph and not 370 Km/h.

The accompanying video of the 370 mph crash that George Poteet walked away from provide ample testimony to the extraordinary quality of car construction and crew preparation that comprise the Speed Demon operation. At Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout, everyone rolls as soon as the car passes. Crew and professional emergency vehicles were on top of the crash in less than 15 seconds. Unless you see this first hand it is difficult to comprehend the fine line between record speeds and disaster. George places great confidence in these people and they all delivered. Video courtesy of ARP and Speed Demon.

Below is a video of a fire extinguisher going off at 390mph, poping the canopy open during these crazy speeds. You’d be surprised to know that the team fixed the problem and went on to do another run the next day.

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