Fatal Crash Report Says Tesla Model S Was Speeding

Fatal Tesla Crash

By now, almost everyone in the car industry has heard of the Tesla Model S crash that involved the death of the driver, mainly because this issue is very relevant to whether the Autonomous technology is ready for world wide implementation. So who’s fault is it? So if it isn’t Tesla’s, let’s find out who’s is it.

The National Transportation Safety Board report states that the Tesla Model S that crashed was traveling at 74 mph before impact which is above the 65-mph speed limit.

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The report also suggests that the driver was indeed using Autopilot features like; Lane keeping assist and Traffic Aware Cruise Control – both of which are part of autonomous driving and both of which have safety precaution measures that include emergency braking to avoid any frontal collision. But the NTSB is yet to establish a probable cause for the crash.

Tesla Model S Fatal Crash-2

The NTSB sends out five member to conduct testing and three-dimensional laser scanning of the scene to further investigate the fatal crash but the NTSB also states that it could take up to 12 months to for the final report to be published.

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The fatal crash happened on May 7 when a tractor trailer turned left at the intersection, without a traffic light in front of the Tesla it didn’t have enough time to stop which is understandable – The trailer was white and it reflected the lit sky which made it unnoticeable to both the driver and the Autopilot software. Initial thoughts might be to blame Tesla for the incident but the facts are that Tesla clearly says you should always keep your hands and eyes on the road.

I guess no one is to blame here, and this should certainly not hinder the future of autonomous technology, but further investigation should reveal the truth.



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