Farady Future FF Teased Drag Racing A Ferrari 488, Model X and Bentayga

Who would have thought that Faraday Future – a seriously new electric-car startup company would even have the nerve to pit their Farady Future FF Prototype against cars like the Ferrari 488? No one is against Farady’s move to promote its self like that, but the video seems to have amassed a massive hate wave on social media for some reason.

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Well, it’s indeed a bold statement they are trying to make by going head to head with the Ferrari 488, the Tesla Model X and the Bentley Bentayga. All of which are known to be super fast in a straight line, and i’m guessing since they released the video – The Farady Future FF prototype must have scored a win.

Apparently, the FF prototype is an SUV that should rival the Tesla Model X although it seemed like a big sedan in the video. Much smaller than both the Bentayga and the Model X.

Not a single performance figure for the Farady Future FF has been unveiled, but if you release such a video – you certainly pack enough power to play with such cars.

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