Faraday Future Teams Up with Formula E Dragon Racing Team


Faraday Future; the California based company that endlessly teased us with an electric concept that was pretty wild but never meant to make it into production. They are now working on an actuall Formula E car, teaming up with Formula E team “Dragon Racing” in hopes of competing in the third season of the Formula E championship during the 2016-2017 period.

Nick Sampson, senior vice president of global R&D and engineering at Faraday Future said earlier in a statement that “Partnering with Dragon Racing allows us to further showcase our electric vehicle leadership and technical capabilities in one of the most exciting Formulas in the world,”

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The partnership will reap rewards for both parties since they would be sharing components and ideas. Faraday will be donating different components like the motors, gearbox and FF Echelon Inverter which will be used in all Faraday vehicles in the future. The platform would be the Dragon Racing’s existing platform which would be complemented with Faraday equipment come race season.

Source: Faraday Future

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