Ex Bugatti & Bentley CEO Sues VW For Millions in DSG Royalties

wolfgang-schreiber-Sues VW

Wolfgang Schreiber – Former Bentley and Bugatti CEO Sues VW For Millions in DSG Royalties in regards to the marque’s DSG “Dual Clutch Transmission” gearbox. Partly because Schreiber thinks he didn’t get what he deserved for his vital role in making the DSG gearbox what it is.

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Wolfgang Schreiber played a major role between 1996 and 2003 in heading Volkswagen’s DSG development department till it was released in 2003. He was even named as the inventor for some of the technology in addition to having numerous patents in his name.

Schreiber is believed to have royalties from the Volkswagen Group worth somewhere around the 9 digit range according to German Magazine Der Speigal. Now that’s a hefty sum of money that Volkswagen wouldn’t want to pay on top of the current Dieselgate settlement money.

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Volkswagen did offer Wolfgang Schreiber $22 million (29 million euros) to compensate for his part in the development of the DSG, but Schreiber rejected in hopes of getting the double time dime.

Volkswagen group has used the DSG gearbox in over 4 million vehicles since its launch back in 2003 due to the success it has gathered over the years and the reliability it provided altogether.

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