Dubai’s DEWA Introduces Electric Car Charging via 16 Stations

Dewa Dubai Electric car charging 3

DEWA also known as the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has finally dropped the ball on their latest project, the city’s first electric car charging station which enables electric vehicles to be charged directly from the charging pod.

Dewa Dubai Electric car charging 2

During the first phase, there will be around 12 stations in Dubai with 5 more planned in the upcoming months which will allow users to charge their electric cars easily around Dubai, and for a very small fee.

Dewa Dubai Electric car charging 4

The second phase entitles around 84 charging stations ranging from Fast to public, meaning that the fast stations located in petrol stations will charge vehicles within 30 minutes, while the Public stations will charge within a few hours. We would hope that Tesla motors would introduce their supercharger network to Dubai, which significantly speed the process of charging.. Up to 10 minutes in total.

That is major improvement over the home installed stations that take up to 8 hours on average, we have come a long way and the future looks even brighter.

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