Dubai to add cameras to fine motorists who jump queues

Dubai Police monitors Queue jumpers

If you happen to live in Dubai like us, then you are too familiar with the scene of other motorists jumping long traffic queues at the end of a busy intersection or a traffic signal. What this does is cause major traffic on the other side and often times is the main cause for accidents since the queue jumper speeds up and then suddenly brakes to a halt in order to enter at the end of the queue right next to the exit.

Dubai Police already introduced a new camera system in June 2015 which is to be functional by the end of 2015 – Brigadier Kamel Butti Al Suwaidi, Director of the Department of Operations at Dubai Police said they are currently working on placing “Al Mutabea” cameras to catch traffic violators jumping queues at well-known problems areas across the emirate.

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The camera will be placed at places where there are lots of queue jumpers and at the busiest exits and the usual places where violators are seen, the thing is there are so many violators on a daily basis so this should save us a lot of time and head ache.



The “Al Mutabea” camera will monitor roads and automatically fine any car that is not abiding by lane discipline and jumping lanes or driving on the hard shoulder. The camera then sends HD pictures, a video and vehicle details to the officer in the operations room which then double checks the video for accuracy then issues the fine. The camera also tracks down cars with no license plat by checking the make, color and model of the vehicle.


“The Rasd cameras should be placed in 70 locations by June 2016; we have already finished the trial phase,” Brig Al Suwaidi said.

I’m not sure if people are aware of this, but it should get a large portion of violators during the first quarter of operations.

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