Dubai Police to Use Google Glass for Fines

Google Glass used by Dubai Police Officer

In the past you may have been able to dodge a few violations because the officers vision was blocked, or he couldn’t memorize your plate in time. And while some officers don’t miss a beat of the violations being done, some are prone to human error and that my friends is where the Google Glass comes in.


I really couldn’t believe what I read at first, but it is true.. Dubai Police will use Google Glass to fine those who commit minor and major traffic violations and offences. What is the difference between a Google Glass and the Officers eyes you may ask? Well, the Google Glass officers wear will help them record every traffic violation directly and send it to the operations room which is already linked simultaneously to the Google Glass being used by the police officer.


Another shocking bit of information is that Dubai Police will allow the common public to record violations and submit them to the “We are all Police” Dubai Police application.

Colonel Al Mazroui stated that the #Google #Glass will also help officers identify wanted personnel, and vehicles. “An officer can simply scan the number plate of a car and access all of its police records,” he said. “Since the glasses are connected to our operations room and databases, wanted cars can be instantly identified.”

For some of you, this may seem fine and acceptable while a large sum of people are going to be really pissed. As we see a trend of ongoing violations in the emirate, this should cut down on a lot of these bad behaviors yet the question remains the same, what is up with all those new laws to fine the consumer in any way or form possible?

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