Dubai Canal Project

Dubai Canal Project Intro

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Dubai Canal, a project that will cost up to 2 Billion Dirhams, is another addition to Dubai’s iconic structures that are world renowned for their breakthroughs. The small city will witness a one of a kind project that will see that the city become split into two parts, with over 15 flyovers expected to be completed by 2016.

Sheihk Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will start with its long term traffic diversion on Shaikh Zayed Road this Saturday, October 25, 2015. The diversion is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic while works on the canal project continue as planned. These works are scheduled to be done at Al Safa Park, according to Dubai’s RTA. The traffic on Shaikh Zayed Road wont be affected that much since the RTA ensure that the same amount of lanes will be given to the diversion.

Sheihk Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project 6

Maitha Bin Udai, CEO of RTA had stated that works started on the norther bridge head to Dubai near the metro line, which successfully saw the diverted traffic from Abdu Dhabi to Dubai, while the traffic diversion will be present throughout the entire project construction period to pave the way for successful completion of the Dubai Water Canal Project.

UPDATE, October 26, 2014 *

Sheihk Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project 2

Traffic Diversion seen in the picture depicts a smooth flow of traffic.

Saturday, October 26 saw a successful diversion of traffic and a smooth outcome of traffic distribution throughout Shiekh Zayed Road.


This diversion was necessary to make way for the construction of a 16 lane flyover that is part of the new Dubai Canal Project, while this detour is no more than a stretch of 1 kilometer from Business Bay Metro Station to Interchange Two, it aids divert traffic in the direction of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Sheihk Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project 5

The Dubai Canal Project will see that an 800 Meter long flyover is built in two parts, to avoid any disruptions in traffic flow from the center of the city.  The second part of this detour will start during the second week of November, with traffic from the other direction also diverted.

Sheikh Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project Cartavern

Sheikh Zayed Road to be raised eight meters to pave way for the 3.2Km Canal.

Construction on the flyover will begin shortly, on the first part that heads towards the direction of the city Sharjah, which raises Shaikh Zayed Road eight meters, to pave way for the 3.2 Kilometer canal that will flow underneath it seen in the picture above.

Sheihk Zayed Road Divertion Canal Project 3

The Dubai Canal extension plan to be executed by 2016. As seen below, the Canal will pass through the city, starting water flow from Dubai Creek, all the way over to the Arabian gulf completly changing the structure of the city and occupying valuable real state.


RTA confirmed that the 3.2km canal will indeed pass through the city from the creek and Business Bay towards JBR, Arabian Gulf.


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