Dubai Bugatti Veryon Uber Rides As Good As it Gets

Uber Picked up in a Bugatti Veryon ni

Uber shows up in a brand new Bugatti Veyron to pick you up in Dubai? Can it get any better.

Youtuber prankster Coby Persin goes up to unsuspecting people in Dubai who requested an Uber expecting to see some sort of Toyota Previa only to be surprised by a sick Yellow/chrome Bugatti Veyron.

Watch the video:

The prank took place in the city of Dubai where Coby Persin used his friends account who drives a Toyota Previa and picked up customers from Seheihk Zayed Road. It’s funny how the girl asks how fast that Bugatti was, she found out it was pretty fast seconds later. Jason seemed to be enjoying his ride a little bit too much and another guy used Uber for the first time and got really lucky with a Bugatti for his first.

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A couple of months ago, Uber worked with British racing driver Oliver James Webb and showed up with a Lamborghini Aventador who offered free rides to eight lucky passengers who made pick-up requests around Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Emirates Hills and The Palm Jumeirah.


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