Dubai Ambulance to use Lotus and Mustang

Dubai hospitals to feature cars like the 2014 Lotus Evora and the 2014 Mustang GT as Dubai Ambulance cars to serve emergency victims in Dubai, which was revealed at the Dubai Gitex Technology week on Sunday this October.

The aim behind using such cars as the Lotus and the Mustang GT was to reduce response time even further from a target of eight minutes to four thanks to the tuning that makes these cars capable of reaching 300 km/h!


Now you may be asking your selves why would a coupe Dubai ambulance car be used to transfer patients and who would take care of the patient while the driver is driving? It wont, the units are dispatched to stabilize critical conditions until regular ambulances arrive at the scene.


Although i can see why such idea would accrue, but it completely baffles me as to why they did not use fast sedans with 4 doors capable of actually transferring patients or treating them with better equipment. Cars like the C63 AMG, the VW R36 or an M3 come to mind, but I guess that this is more of a marketing stunt. The built cars will cost upwards of 300,000 to 400,000 Aed with the first responded service modifications which include a respondent bag, a suction unit and a foam splint for fractures.


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