DTM Audi RS5 Joins 2017 Geneva Motor Show Buzz

2017 DTM AUDI RS5 featured

This year’s Geneva motor show is so exciting, with cars like the new Huracan Performante and the AMG GT4 breaking cover – The DTM Audi RS5 is a refreshing addition to the Audi lineup besides the new ABT R8 V10 Plus.

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Both the DTM Audi RS5 and the LMS RS3 were developed together from the get-go, the DTM RS5 was designed to meet the new regulations and changes.

Audi RS 5 DTM (2017)

The car features the same 4.0-liter V8 engine but with new updates, a new intake and cooling system – the engine is good for over 500-hp. The ride height has been reduced and the tyres were switched to softer compound supplied via Hankook.

Besides the obvious aerodynamic improvements and massive bodykit that is downforce oriented, the DTM Audi RS5 now has a flatter rear-wing, two new flaps for drag reduction similar to what you would see in an F1 car.

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Audi expects much faster lap times on any track they compete at and much higher speeds, they also expect overtaking to improve significantly over the outgoing version. The previous DTM RS5 debuted during the 2014 Geneva motor show and had approximately 460-hp and 370 lb-ft of torque.

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