Driverless Shuttle Pods Take You To work

Driverless Shuttle Pods Take you to work

Dubai has been a pioneer in introducing new technology to the world and then implementing it in a functional manner, just look at their Police fleet and you know they mean business.

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But the plan was to have over 30% of Dubai’s transportation be electric based by 2020, and there might have been talks of introducing geo-map based travel technology that arranges your travel in a very smart way.

The new driverless pods are electric battery-powered pods that are supposed to move individually in tandem with one-another to create a train-like structure in order to ease traffic and reduce carbon impact.

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The driverless pods were introduced by the taxi-booking based app “Careem” and the Next Future Transportation tech-start up in the US. The new driverless pods are supposed to work as a mass transportation grid system that shuttles people from door to door.

Computer controlled driverless taxis proposed for Cardiff city centre and docklands. Vehicles known as ULTra developed by Advanced Transport Systems. Picture taken from website

Computer controlled driverless taxis proposed for Cardiff city centre and docklands


So how do they work? The pods pick up multiple passengers depending on location like a bus would to make sure everyone gets there on time.

The pods have been designed to pick passengers up on demand and link together in a bus-like form on the journey to get each person from point A to point B as efficiently as possible.

Mudassir Shaikha, co-founder and managing director of Careem, said that “Together, Careem and Next are co-innovating to help solve some of today’s more troubling mass transit problems, including minimising congestion and pollution. Additionally, by providing personalised pick-up and drop-off of users, Next and Careem will help make daily commute more efficient and quick.”

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