Driver gets 120 Black Points for 2 Wheels stunt in Dubai


A local driver has been arrested by Dubai Police for driving on 2 wheels and displaying reckless behavior on the road. The driver’s license was seized and he got 120 black points added to his traffic file.

Aside from driving on 2 wheels, the driver had his plates removed, fully tinted his glass and attempted to flee the police when the tried to stop him on Al Awair road in Dubai.

Colonel Saif Al Mazroui – director of the Dubai Traffic Police department commented on the incident “He was driving in a way that threatened the life of road users…when the police tried to stop him, he fled”

“But our men later succeeded in tracking the car and arresting the driver…he was given 120 black points for several serious offences including reckless and dangerous driving, modifying the car engine, tinting the glass, fleeing the police and removing the plates” he told the Dubai-based Arabic language daily .

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