The Doomed Future of Driverless Racing Cars: This is RoboRace

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RoboRace 02

The plea of a dying breed of petrol heads forced to accept a doomed future: (read in Batman’s voice) Do you like RoboRace? You Will!  – Stop forcing your electric driver-less technology suckage on us please!

Seriously, why do you need human drivers? It’s not enough that electric cars are invading the petrol engine and winning the war for the future of self sustainable boring mechanisms, we now get to watch robots race each other and cheer like headless chickens.

Yea, i’m not too happy with the idea of replacing human drivers with robots or on-board chips programmed by humans to do emotionless racing and strategical overtakes that have no Schumi soul in them. The RoboRace is the autonomous racing series that will be introduced alongside the Formula E series; which sees Formula teams battle it out with their own autonomous technology given that they all get the same chassis and regulations. Basically the same as Formula 1, but without the driver and the restrictions of having one.

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RoboRace 03

The car you see here was designed by Tron: Legacy lightcycle designer Daniel Simon – the same guy who designed the beautiful Lotus C-01 Motorcycle which will be built in 100 units and powered by a V-twin 200 hp engine. Yes, I’d rather talk about that motorcycle than the Doomed Future of Driverless Racing Cars of RoboRace.

Simon says he worked with the aerodynamicists (Yup, that’s a word; Google it) and engineers to produce “a vehicle that takes full advantage of the unusual opportunities of having no driver without ever compromising on beauty.” Basically allowing them to work around the fragile human that used to be placed somewhere in a canopy in the middle and not having to deal with all the restrictions and protective measures needed for that “piece of meat”.

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RoboRace 02

The design focused on bringing a cleaner profile that features massive downforce without having to add a lot of parts like flaps and wingletes to keep the car steady. They achieved this clean look by using the floor as a main aerodynamic device with Active-Aero as a main ingredient for these RoboRace machines.

The possibilities are endless when the drivers are excluded from the formula of Formula E racer cars and RoboRace plans on bringing a whole new level of Speed, unheard of G-forces and possibly some amazing crashes – I like crashes, i like crashes a lot.

RoboRace Logo

Me: I hate the idea of this article to such an extent that I’m not even going to back it up on my server. Just look at the logo, even the Roborace dude is putting on a straight face.

Do you like the new RoboRace idea? I’m all for electric cars and aircraft’s that bring a cleaner future, but this is too much. Tesla take notes, especially you Mr. Elon.

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