Daimler And Bosch Introduce Automated Valet Parking

Automated Valet Parking

Diamler automotive has just teamed up with automotive supplier Bosch and created something called Automated Valet Parking. Simply put, you summon the Mercedes Benz of choice via the app, and the car finds its way to you.

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We know you might be thinking you can go out and have your car park and valet itself anywhere. But that’s not how it works, at least for now. Mercedes-Benz uses Bosch’s car park infrastructure and sensors in the Benz Museum in Stuttgart to communicate with the driverless car without human intervention.

For those who visit the museum, you can reserve one of the cars through the dedicated smartphone app that allows the car to drive itself to the pick-up area for the beginning of the journey. When the visitor is done, he simply returns the car and leaves it in the drop-off area where the car finds its way back to the parking space with the press of a button on the app.

Mercedes says the Automated Valet Parking system will go into operation by 2018, but they will go into extensive commissioning and trial to be assessed by appraisers from the TÜV Rheinland technical inspection authority.

Head of Automated Driving and Active Safety at Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, Michael Hafner said; “We are approaching autonomous driving faster than many people suspect. The driverless parking solution at the Mercedes-Benz Museum demonstrates in impressive fashion just how far the technology has come.”

“Parking will be an automated process in the future. By applying an intelligent multi-storey car park infrastructure and networking it with vehicles, we have managed to realise driverless parking substantially earlier than planned.”

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