Color Shifting McLaren 675LT Spider Mega Gallery

Color Shifting McLaren 675LT Spider Mega Gallery

Have you ever seen a color shifting McLaren 675LT Spider before? Well, if you haven’t – we have got a huge mega gallery of images for you to drool over.

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Color Shifting McLaren 675LT Spider Mega Gallery

This color shiting McLaren was equipped with a $60,000 paint job option dubbed the ‘Seed Colorstream’ – which depending on viewing angle and light direction, switches from acid Green blended with pink from a closeup view and Blue blended with Purple from far away. If you want the car key painted in the same paint job, it’ll cost $12,000.

This video belongs to GCSeed, who purchased a similar McLaren a while back.

This McLaren 675LT Spider example was delivered in the San Francisco McLaren showroom and it could be one of the highest specced LT Spider’s in the world.

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Color Shifting McLaren 675LT Spider Interior

Then to make it extra special; the interior receives several touches of the same paint, with a small center stripe on the steering wheel, on the air vents and some purple and green stitching on the seats.

Color Shifting McLaren 675LT Spider Mega Gallery

Although this particular McLaren 675LT Spider painted in Seed Colorstreem might be a little too flashy, it sure does make owning one of 500 Spider examples an even more rewarding experience.

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