Coca-Cola Women Driving Ad Shakes Things up in Saudi Arabia

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola were one of the first companies to hop on the drama that followed Saudi Arabia’s decision to permit women to drive by mid 2018. Since the decision received so much appraisal, it didn’t take much for companies to capitalize on the positive image associated with issue.

The ad focuses on a Saudi Woman being taught how to drive by her father, who goes on to place a Coca-Cola bottle on the dashboard to help her perform under pressure. The dad also happens to teach his daughter how to drive a manual gearbox vintage red  W-240 Mercedes-Benz. How cool is that?

Although the famous beverage manufacturer got some heat for the ad dubbed ‘Change Has A Taste’, the company seems to have embraced the response by opting to build a $100 million bottling plant in Saudi by 2019.

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