Clarkson, May and Hammond New Show Called “The Grand Tour”


The new show will be called The Grand Tour based on a grand tourer cars theme (GT) expected to have a lot of throwbacks to some classic GT cars too. All we know is the trio are back and we are expected to get some Top Gear like entertainment for as long as Amazon Prime decides.

The most exciting bit is the fact that the same Top Gear high quality production is to be expected since former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman will join Clarkson, Hammond and May. Andy Wilman was a vital part of Top Gear’s humorous approach and soulful car review setup.

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If you were wondering, Amazon Prime has budgeted over $250 million for The Grand Tour airing 12-episodes per season for us gearheads to knob about. Now, if you have been following the news; you would know that Top Gear is already in the works to air their new season with the new cast of six, which will also be available on Netflix.

Which show will you be watching though? the new Top Gear or The Grand Tour..


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