Chris Evans Leaves Top Gear, now what?

Chris Evans Leavs Top Gear

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t watch a single episode of the new Top Gear except for the first one that aired and for good reason. Everyone tuned in to watch the old Top Gear because they were expecting to see the trio, you see it was more of an experience than just a name.

It wasn’t enough that the show hit some major bumps earlier with bottom low ratings, news of Chris Evans resignation have been confirmed after he was investigated for some sexual assault thing back in 1990. It’s not like I care much about him, in-fact i’m glad he left. The dude was not fit for a car show presenter. I’m not the only one who dislikes him, Matt LebLanc said he was ready to leave if they don’t boot the annoying Brit off the show.


For those interested in knowing more about the sexual assault charge; basically Chris Evans thought it was a good idea to indecently expose himself in-front of a couple of people in the office back in the 1990s, and somehow this is relevant to Top Gear?

So what’s going to happen now? Who is replacing Chris Evans for the upcoming Top Gear season 23 show? People were raving on about Formula One racing driver Jenson Button to co-host the show with Matt since he made his debut on the show. For now, all we know is Matt might be hosting the show all by himself.

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