Cheating Husband’s Audi R8 Destroyed by Angry Wife

cheating husband Audi R8 destroyed by Angry Wife -2

Oh boy, the heart wrenching moment when you find out your beloved super-car is completely demolished by your angry wife/girl friend, but hey.. In every act, life teaches us a lesson and the lesson here: DONT CHEAT IF YOU OWN A SUPERCAR!

All jokes aside, this cheating husband got what he deserved and then some. His wife made sure that not a single panel survived the horrific vandalization of an angry wife, she even expressed her anger in words all over the beautiful red paint job.cheating husband Audi R8 destroyed by Angry Wife -1

What is even more shocking is that she was able to attack the interior as well, as she got her hands on the dashboard (literally) where she scratched and smashed almost all the buttons and covers. It is clear to me that you don’t want to cheat on your wife if she displays signs of “nuts” and “crazy” since you might end up with a worthless Audi.

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