Elon Musk Teases Tesla Model 3 First Drive & Acceleration Video

Teases Tesla Model 3 First Drive

Elon Musk teased this video on Instagram just two hours ago showing the all new Tesla Model 3 accelerating down the road then going to a full stop. That’s about it, and it’s more than enough to get buyers hyped up. Check this out: Tesla Killer? Lucid Air Sedan Packs 1,000-HP and … Continue reading

Mercedes-AMG GT Performance Sedan Concept To Debut in Geneva

Mercedes-AMG GT Performance Sedan Concept

With cars like the Porsche Panamera Turbo pushing over 550-hp and accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 3.8 seconds, Mercedes might feel left out. Hence, the Mercedes-AMG GT Performance Sedan Concept is here to fill a gap in the luxury performance sedan segment. Check this out: Red Hot All-electric Jaguar I-pace Set for … Continue reading

Mclaren’s New 4.0-liter Twin Turbo Engine Powering the Super Series

McLaren new 4.0 twin turbo engine

McLaren just debuted their new engine for the P14 and it’s 200cc bigger than the one it replaces. The new 4.0-liter Twin Turbo Engine increased power, acceleration and puts things into perspective. Check this out: Lamborghini’s New Forged-Composite Makes for a Great Carbon Fiber Replacement This new 4.0-liter Twin Turbo Engine dubbed the … Continue reading