Elon Musk Teases Tesla Model 3 First Drive & Acceleration Video

Teases Tesla Model 3 First Drive

Elon Musk teased this video on Instagram just two hours ago showing the all new Tesla Model 3 accelerating down the road then going to a full stop. That’s about it, and it’s more than enough to get buyers hyped up. Check this out: Tesla Killer? Lucid Air Sedan Packs 1,000-HP and … Continue reading

Tesla Model X Owner Sues Tesla for Uninteded Acceleration

tesla model x

There has been several incidents where owners claim their tesla was doing unfamiliar things but this Tesla Model X owner is claiming his electric SUV suddenly accelerated while parked in the garage. Check this out: 2016’s Best Cars – Based on Popularity Ji Chang Son, the owner says his Tesla Model X went … Continue reading

2016’s Best Cars – Based on Popularity

2016's best cars

2016 will surely be remembered for plenty of good and bad cars that graced our digital screens, but these were the highlight of the year – ranking in at the top of the list. Let’s take a look at 2016’s best cars according to the general public’s interest and share rate. … Continue reading