Faraday Future Ff 91 Does 0-60 in 2.39 Seconds and Has 1,050 Hp

Just a year later after introducing the Faraday Future FFZero1 concept, the company has been teasing another production model “Faraday Future Ff 91” for a while now and it’s supposed to be groundbreaking in the electric automobile segment. We no longer have to wait now since they just released everything … Continue reading

Faraday Future Teases Rear View Camera Design

Faraday Future has been on a roll lately, releasing teaser after teaser of their new FF production model which should feature all of their new technology, including the world’s most energy dense batteries. I like Faraday Future a lot; simply, because they do things differently and they try to innovate despite … Continue reading

Farady Future FF Teased Drag Racing A Ferrari 488, Model X and Bentayga

Who would have thought that Faraday Future – a seriously new electric-car startup company would even have the nerve to pit their Farady Future FF Prototype against cars like the Ferrari 488? No one is against Farady’s move to promote its self like that, but the video seems to have amassed a … Continue reading

Faraday Future Working On World’s Most Energy Dense Batteries

Silicon Valley based startup Faraday Future just teamed up with LG Chem to produce the world’s highest energy density batteries for the automotive industry. You might like: ‘The Grand Tour’ Grand Racing Quiz The two companies are working on producing an advanced battery than can house much more electricity for longer … Continue reading