Up Close & Personal with the 1,479bhp Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

Numbers can be intimidating, captivating and meaningless sometimes. The Bugatti Chiron is the leader in the numbers game, power is unmatchable and set at 1,479bhp, 1179 lb-ft of torque, top speed is a mind numbing 261 mph. This ladies and gentlemen is the world’s fastest car, again. Check this out: Geneva 2016: … Continue reading

Ex Bugatti & Bentley CEO Sues VW For Millions in DSG Royalties

Wolfgang Schreiber – Former Bentley and Bugatti CEO Sues VW For Millions in DSG Royalties in regards to the marque’s DSG “Dual Clutch Transmission” gearbox. Partly because Schreiber thinks he didn’t get what he deserved for his vital role in making the DSG gearbox what it is. You might like: Volkswagen 300-Mile EV … Continue reading

Here’s How Bugatti Made the Chiron Commercial Without One

Ever wondered if you need the actual car to film a car commercial? You don’t. Bugatti hired the experts at SLGH to film their all new Chiron commercial without actually using a Chiron. They used a doner Bugatti Veyron instead and applied a CGI modeled body on to it. You might like: The … Continue reading