Designer Imagines a Sleek Mercedes Hybrid Supercar

Mercedes Hybrid Supercar

Plenty of concepts for the imagined Mercedes Hybrid Supercar have graced the internets threads, we even designed one ourselves. We saw this design on Behance and it’s pretty decent so we thought we’d share it with you guys. Check this out: Mercedes-AMG GT Performance Sedan Concept To Debut in Geneva Yicheng Fan … Continue reading

Mesmerizing Bronzo Opaco LaFerrari Spotted in Monaco

Bronzo Opaco LaFerrari

You know your day is complete when you’ve seen the LaFerrari in every possible color, especially this mesmerizing Bronzo Opaco LaFerrari residing in Monaco. What a time to be alive. Having seen the car earlier this week, we weren’t sure if this was an actual color or a wrap done by … Continue reading

Performance Sedan Annihilator, the 800-hp Mercedes AMG GT Concept

Sketches were teased days ago, but we finally got something worth talking about. The 800-hp Mercedes AMG GT concept with 4 doors, if true could be the biggest nightmare for performance sedan competitors. Check this out: The Dimension Shifting Lamborghini Huracán Performante Contrary to popular misconception, Mercedes calls this the AMG GT … Continue reading