Car Hacks To Beat The Summer Heat in Dubai


Want to beat the Summer Heat in Dubai? There is no arguing that Dubai houses one of the hottest climates on earth, with temperatures searing all the way to 52.1 °C (126 °F). I’ve witnessed the dash on my own car display 55 °C and that’s just bonkers hot. Let’s go through some of the things we can actually do about this awful heat we have to endure.

  • The Tint

Suntek Ceramic-35

First thing you have to do is equip your car with a tint. Duh, obvious right? Yea, but equip your car with the wrong tint and you would have just reduced the heat by a very slight margin and certainly did nothing effective to combat the heat.

Tip: Always insist that the tint is done on the inside of the glass, rather than the outside to avoid the fading. 

In order to actually make a difference, i tried several tint protection films and 99% of them were down-right awful. Yes, including premium products. But, one of them did manage to reduce the heat by a good amount.


Metallic mirror tint

So, which tint should I go for? Make sure you always opt for ceramic or metallic/semi metallic tints from V-Kool or 3M. I prefer V-Kool * based on my experience with the current tint which is still as good as new for almost 5 years now.

Try to get the darkest shade possible, the government of Dubai allows only 30% – So my advice is to stick with the heaviest films offered.

3M Crystalline is also a top quality window tint that effectively blocks up to 97 percent of infrared rays and 99.9 percent of UV rays.

  • The Parking


Parking your car might look like a simple task. Find a parking and put the car there. Unless you have a covered parking, there might be something you can do about parking in the sun without getting your car flaming hot by the time you come back. If you look at the picture above: you would notice that the sun’s location is shading one area, while the other exposed areas get all the flaming hot beams.

Now, since the sun moves – you need to dictate the location of where it will be around 11-3 pm and that’s where it is at its hottest.

Find the suns angle. I usually look at the sun and dictate where it’s going to be further down the line and decide where i might be able to use building shade that sets on that area after the earth rotates. Shade moves with the sun of-course, so find a high-enough building that will cover your car.

  • The air rotation

When you get in the car, does it feel like it’s flaming hot air inside? This is because the car acts as an insulator and the air inside of it is trapped and constantly heated by the sun. Do you often find your car cool sometimes although you parked it in the sun? Chances are, air was escaping through one of the windows which allowed the air to rotate and reduced the heat.


Here is a hack you can do to massively reduce the heat wave on entry. Before exiting the car: very slightly open the window on the front passenger side and the rear driver side with a larger gap. (example above) This will allow the air pressure to drop, which then forces cool air from outside to replace the hot air inside which then gets pushed out from the car.

  • The Sun Shades


Even though you might have tinted windows, the sun will still manage to heat the body of the car which will obviously heat the components and the interior of the car. Sun shades will manage to reduce about 40% of the incoming sun rays and will result in a cooler cabin by the end of the day. You also need to put them when you park at night, this ensures a cooler car in the morning as well.

  • The A/C Hack


When you get in the hot car, turn on your A/C (No re-circulation) to max and switch all the vents to the bottom instead of the front ventilation. This will push out all the hot air from the car much faster than turning on the front facing vents. If you turn on the front facing ventilation, it will only push cold air on-top of the existing hot air, and will in-fact keep the car hotter for longer.

We hope these tips helped you, and if they did – make sure to share this article with your friends and family!

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