2014-2015 Toyota Camry

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Searching for 2014-2015 Toyota Camry in UAE, United States & Saudi Arabia car prices, performance figures, reviews, test drives, fuel economy figures and resale value ratings.

2014-2015 Toyota Camry Front copy

2014-2015 Toyota Camry Rear

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Horsepower Icon 148 – 178 – 181 HP

Mileage40/38 | city/hyw

Car Tavern Price UAE

  Starting from: Emirati Dirham

  • AED 86,900 – 88,000 Aed (Camry S)  
  • AED 93,900 – 98,500 (Camry SE/Plus)
  • AED 106000 – 107000 (Camry Sport/Limited)
 Starting from: Saudi Riyal

  • SAR 77500 – 81500 (Camry GL)
  • SAR90000 – 95000 (Camry GLX) 
  • SAR 85000 – 86000 (Camry Limited) 
  • SAR 103500 – 104000 (Camry RZ) SAR

Car Tavern Price UAE

MSRP: U.S Dollar

  • $22,970-$23,795 (Camry LE)  
  • $23,840-$24665 (Camry SE)
  • $26,150-$26,975 (Camry XSE)
  • $26,150-$26,975 (Camry XLE) 
  • $32,195 (Camry 4dr Sdn V6 Auto XSE (Natl)
  • $32,195 (Camry 4dr Sdn V6 Auto XLE (Natl)
  • $26,790 (Hybrid LE)
  • $27,995 (Hybrid SE)
  • $29,980 (Hybrid XLE)
Car Type: Economy – Family Sedan
Body Type: 4 Door Saloon
Country of Origin: Japan
Weight: Approximately 1456-1500 Kg
Manufacturing dates: 2014, 2015
Dealership Locations: UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA
Power (Hp)
Torque (NM)
0-100 Km/h
Top Speed (Km/h)
Fuel Economy (L/100km)
(FWD) 2.0 Litre I4
Auto 4-Speed
10.5-11.0 Seconds
 195 Km/h
(FWD) 2.5 Litre I4
 Manual 6-speed  \ Auto 6-Speed
9.1 Seconds
 201 Km/h
(FWD) 2.5 Litre I4
 Automatic 6-speed
9.1  Seconds
201 Km/h

The Toyota Camry is no stranger to family commuting and is considered one of the best reliable family cars available today, priced at a very reasonable and affordable rate, while offering great resale value at the same time. For 2014-2015 Toyota started a new design direction which included most of it’s line-up including the Avalon, and the Corolla. While the UAE, and GCC countries need no introduction when it comes to the Toyota Camry, it is important to note that the 2.5 Litre 4-cylinder engine mated to the 6-speed automatic is a crowd favourite and while low on power, it still proves to be a reliable economical variant of the family sedan genre. The 2014-2015 Toyota Camry will get sportier versions the include a sporty body kit, 18 inch machined face alloy wheels, LED headlights, Woodgrain interior, Lane Departure Alert, Navigation, Rear Camera, Sport Suspension, Paddle Shifters, 8 way adjustable drivers seat, dual zone A/C, touchscreen ITS, DVD and keyless start and entry amongs many other options.

All figures are close approximates to the actual values, please refer to your local dealer as some stats and figures are subject to change!

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