2005-2007 Ford GT

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Searching for 2005-2007 Ford GT in UAE, United States & Saudi Arabia car prices, performance figures, reviews, test drives, fuel economy figures and resale value ratings.

2005 Ford GT Mini-front

2005 Ford GT Mini-rear

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Horsepower Icon 550 Hp

Mileage13/21 city/hyw

Car Tavern Price UAE

 Starting from: Emirati Dirham

  • AED 800,000 – 900,000 

Starting from: Saudi Riyal

  • SAR 800,000 – 900,000

Car Tavern Price UAE

MSRP: U.S Dollar 

  • $279,995 – 320,000 (5.4L)
Car Type: Premium – Super Car
Body Type: Door – Sports Coupe
Country of Origin: United States
Weight: Approximately 1542 Kg
Manufacturing dates: 2005, 2006, 2007
Dealership Locations:  UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA
Power (Hp)
Torque (NM)
0-100 Km/h
Top Speed (Km/h)
Fuel Economy (L/100km)
(RWD) 5.4SC Litre V8

2005 Ford GT Special 2005 Ford GT Special 2

All figures are close approximates to the actual values, please refer to your local dealer as some stats and figures are subject to change!

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