Camera To Fine Cars Using Bus Lane

Camera To Fine Cars Using Bus Lanes

Soon enough all bus lanes in Dubai will be monitored by cameras dedicated to catching and fining all motorist who drive on these lanes and misuse them. The city has around seven kilometers for bus and taxi lanes to ease public transport and avoid rush hour traffic, but motorist have been know to use the lanes like regular ones to avoid traffic.

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The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai) have already installed APNR cameras on numerous taxi and bus lanes like Naif Road, these camera can recognize plate numbers and automatically save the image for the perpetrating vehicle.

Mohammad Al Ali – Director of Planning and Business Development at the RTA said that “We are in the process of installing the cameras on all bus lanes in Dubai. The cameras automatically detect the violating vehicles and post the fines directly to the traffic system. The white-listed ones are RTA buses, taxis, ambulances, civil defence and police vehicles, which are allowed to use the dedicated bus lanes, while all private vehicles are black-listed and will be penalized upon usage of the dedicated lanes”

RTA cameras (1)

Vehicles who misuse the lane will be fined Dh600 and motorists will be allowed a 20 meters grace distance for exit and entry from side roads, drop-off areas and parking. Not suprizingly, within the installation of these camera on Naif Road – Violations dropped by a staggering 63 percent.

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Mr. Al Ali also added that  “Bus lanes are one of the effective measures to relief congestion in most developed cities. In Dubai, the implemented bus lanes have made a high impact on ease of flow of the public buses and taxis in Central Business District (CBD), Giving priority to the public buses through dedicated lanes saves the journey duration considerably, which also results in saving the resources.”

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