Buying a Used Car in Dubai

Before you decide, you should know that Dubai is full of Used cars and great deals, buying a used car in Dubai is simple. The buyer must have a valid UAE residence visa, and a Drivers License.

Tips and Advice:

  • Make sure to test drive as many cars as possible before you decide.
  • Make sure to inspect the purchased car thoroughly..It may look and drive fine but be heavily used and abused.
  • Check the oil on the stick tip in the engine ( It usually tells me allot about the driver and the cars condition) A very dark substance means the driver is a bit careless when it comes to changing the engines oil.
  • Allot of sellers buy trashed cars from foreign countries for cheap, fix them for cheaper and then sell them for market price to uunassuming buyers.. These guys are scam artists, so make sure you always check the VIN number through carfax. (unless the buyer admits)
  • research everything about the car you decide to buy, some cars can be very costly to maintain after 5 years.. especially German luxury sedans and super cars.

Steps to registering a new car in Dubai:

Once you make a verbal deal with the previous owner of the vehicle, both of you must head to the Shamil testing facility or other alternative like RTA testing facilitiesEpco and Belhasa Wasel. Make sure that you bring the seller with you, so both of you can finish the deal on the spot. Testing the car before buying is very important, because you need to make sure that the car is roadworthy and you must insist on a checkup before purchasing.

You need the following documents to register a used car in Dubai:

  • Insurance Documents
  • Bank Finance documents (If not cash)
  • Registration documents from Shamil that state the car has passed road worthiness tests.
  • Original License plates
  • Passport, visa, license copies of the buyer.


Once the seller has paid any outstanding fines, the buyer must fill out the relevant forms and pay a fee. The new registration card is issued on the spot. New plates then need to be affixed to the vehicle, and copies of the car registration card should be sent to the insurance company and the finance company (if applicable). New plates can be obtained from the police or at some EPPCO sites.

  • Fees:

    Car test Dhs 50
    Registration Dhs 420 (short number plates)
    Dhs 470 (long number plates)

    For more information, visit RTA website. Or call RTA’s toll free number on 8009090.


All outstanding fines must be paid by the buyer while registering the car or before. You can check outstanding fines on this link Dubai Police

Learn more about registering a used car here after reading the document: Link here

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