A Bugatti Yacht Is Everything You Need to Accompany Your Chiron

Bugatti Yacht Niniette 66

Being a Bugatti Chiron owner means you probably need a yacht themed amphibious version of the Chiron, just so you could enjoy travelling by land or on water with a Bugatti badge and supreme luxury surrounding you from every corner.

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This right here is the Bugatti Yacht dubbed the ‘Niniette 66’, and the company says it’s a necessity for every Bugatti owner. Bugatti’s CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer said; that the average Bugatti owner has at least one yacht, three private jets and about 85 other cars.

The looks of the Niniette 66 are unmistakably inspired by the beautiful Chiron, with sweeping lines and a Chiron inspired profile that’s gonna suck in all that air for the engine.

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Powering the Niniette 66 yacht is a V8 engine that can take it to speeds in excess of 44knots or 50mph in ground speed. Onboard size is pretty satisfying with lengths of hull that reach 50 to 80 feet allowing you to get on as many people as you want onboard without feeling cramped.

But, enough of us talking about it – head on to the official link here and configure your own Niniette 66 Bugatti water missile.

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