Bugatti to Present Final Veyron at 2015 Geneva Auto Show


This is it, the Bugatti Veyron’s last model.. The black bess Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, for years now – Bugatti have resembled the ultimate exotic machine, and the fastest accelerating luxury grand tourer that can feather you in absolute comfort, manic speed and undeniable luxury.


Bugatti’s plan was to produce exactly 450 Veyrons – 150 of those are open-top Grand Sports and 300 were coupes. The numbers add up and we have one build spot left, and to commorade this special machine Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer revealed that the final Veyron that would be built is car number 450, which will be 2015 Geneva Auto Show in March 3d.


We are sad to see the Veyron go, but it is time for a replacement and that is exactly what Bugatti’s factor in Molsheim, France is being prepped to do. Now that we have hyper cars that make use of the electric technology like the P1, Bugatti joins the tide with something that is going to be faster, bigger and better than the rest – no official news yet.

When asked, Dürheimer confirmed that Bugatti’s are pieces of art that take time to produce  so god knows when they will release the next Veyron successor.. He also mentioned that whatever car they plan to replace the Veyron with needs to be better in every possible way.

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