BMW’s M Celebrates AMG’s 50th Anniversary with a Pun

Some rivalries go deeper than just one-upping the other manufacturer – BMW, Audi and Mercedes have been known to go head to head with their ad material. In this particular case, BMW’s M Celebrates AMG’s 50th Anniversary using some witty humor and a pinch of sarcasm.

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This happened during the 24-hour race that took place at the Nürburgring in addition to the World Touring Car Championship, so BMW decided to whish its longtime rival AMG a very happy 50th anniversary. You can see the amount of thought that went into the stand, just the type of humor you would expect from Germans.

You ordered cake, we made donuts

This sort of rivalry is common in the automotive realm, and Audi is one of those companies that relish in a bit of banter with their German rival companies.


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