BMW Previews Latest Tech: AirTouch and more.. 2016 CES


BMW is no stranger when it comes to introducing new technology that ends up in the hands of Mercedes and vice versa. Take the V-turbos inside the engine tech that Mercedes-Benz used in their new AMG lineup mainly named the M178 twin-turbo V8 petrol (340–375 kW).

BMW teased us with another concept shot of an interior for next week’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, only focused on introducing new technology regardless of the donor car that will house this new interior, which will be an updated i8 if speculations are true.

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So the main thing to focus on here; is the new AirTouch technology which rids the interior of physical buttons and switches. Instead there will be a huge screen that stretches from the center console to the passenger side tilted slightly towards the driver – This is what BMW calls the ‘AirTouch’.

The AirTouch tech has been evolved from the previously introduced gesture control system which has deuted in the 2016 BMW 7-Series – only a basic version that follows finger movements, and certainly not as advanced as the AirTouch tech.

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BMW is keen on making the AirTouch user friendly, so the key here was to adapt already existing friendly technology from smartphones and mimic the experience only now without the need to touch the screen. That will be possible via special sensors placed near the center console working in tandem with the large screen – they scan hand movements and convert them to instructions for the vehicle.


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But what if the passenger is to instruct the AirTouch screen to do something? Both the driver and the passenger have their own physical button that they use to switch the sensors on depending on position. This might be necessary when the driver is busy looking at the road! The AirTouch will also allow for much easier navigation, system controls and a quick phone pad etc..

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