BMW Pickup Truck Might Be A Reality Soon Enough

BMW M3 Pickup (04/2011).

The idea of a BMW Pickup Truck might seem ridiculous to anyone, and the fact that BMW released this rendering of the BMW M3 pickup truck as an April’s fool joke might just cement the ridicule of that idea – But word is, BMW might just be making this a reality.

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American manufacturers offer all sorts of pickup trucks for those of you looking to tackle the rugged part of life, but what if you can have some luxury on the inside too? Mercedes-Benz is working on the GLT and BMW just wants a piece of that market.

BMW Australia’s Managing Director Marc Werner said “never say never” when asked about the idea of adding a utilitarian BMW Pickup Truck to the line-up as the idea in it’s self might prove to be a big success especially in Australia and Mercedes-Benz might be the first test rat. Although Mercedes would have a much easier time building such vehicle due to their commercial vehicles currently available.

The GLT will be built with help from Nissan who will provide the D23 Navara Truck chassis and BMW has Toyota to aid it with it’s pickup truck probably in the form of the Tacoma – who knows.

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