Gorgeous BMW M2 CSL rendered, Is the Next Best Thing


What’s more exciting than an M2? A BMW M2 CSL, you see the letters CSL mean it’s about as radical as it can get. There is no denying that the CSL performance models are some of the most hardcore Bimmers on the market and this one makes us drool.

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You see, this isn’t an actual car – well, not yet! But a brilliant artist named Monholo Oumar decided to render one for us motorheads, just to help visualize a possible performance CSL oriented version of the current M2.

The design is clearly inspired by the original 320i Turbo concept released a couple of months ago, and it’s just spot on. Although this one looks a lot more realistic and ready for production; just the way we like it.

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The BMW M2 is a fantastic car, but it just doesn’t impress as much as you would expect it to – and the price is just overboard, especially in Dubai. I mean, the fully specced ones go for about Aed 310,000 on the used market with a few kilometers on the odometer, that’s enough money to get you a nice M3 and the cheaper ones can be bought for as little as Aed 200,000.

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Looking at the interior, you’d notice it’s been marginally stripped out and fitted with half a roll cage, some racing bucket seats, a five point harness and racing goodies.

Now, for a reality check – is BMW actually intending on making an M2 CSL? highly doubt it, since they have recently announced they are going to be reducing the number of models offered by cutting poorly selling vehicles this year. Just like Mercedes announced lately, and they won’t be doing an Black Series models any time soon.

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