BMW M2 With 443-HP Tuned By Lightweight Performance


The new BMW M2 is capable of great things, but it could never live up to its big brother the “M3”. Well, now with 443-hp it might just be even better since the stock M2 was so good, it was holding its own with the M3 on track. Just imagine what 81-hp more and enhanced dynamics can do.

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Tuning company Lightweight Performance decided it was only right to give the M2 its full potential with a special edition they dubbed the BMW LW M2. The turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 now releases 443-hp (450 PS) compared to the stock 362-hp (370 PS). It did not take much to get those extra ponies, just an air intake, 300-cell downpipes, a titanium muffler and carbon fiber exhaust tips.


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The LW M2 also has enhanced driving dynamics via a new large rear wing and a new front splitter to increase stability and downfroce at higher speed. Larger brakes makes stopping all this power a bit easier.

To make the BMW M2 LW special, 19-inch forged wheels were added in addition to distinct livery and blacked out elements on the front bumper. The spoiler sort of looks ugly and out of place, but it functions so. No word on pricing or wether the kit will be offered worldwide, if you live in Germany, the kit is available on their website.

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