BMW Contemplating Super Fast and Luxurious BMW X7 M


There has been rumors of the BMW X7 M floating around the internet for a while now, and the guys at Theophilus Chin have given us a few renders to look at for the meantime. 

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The standard BMW X7 is already expected to arrive somewhere in early 2020 or late 2019 but BMW hasn’t even mentioned an M badged variant for the luxury SUV. My instincts tell me it’s a similar case to the Bentley Bentayga which is a re-badged Audi Q7 with two VR6 engines stuck together. This BMW X7 M might serve the same purpose for the new Rolls Royce SUV.

But don’t jump to conclusions yet. BMW is still investigating if the M badge is even necessary on such a heavily competitive and saturated performance SUV market. Yet the urge to be among the best performance SUV producers pushes them further, and with the success of their BMW X6 M over the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe, they are more confident than ever.

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With the Bentley Bentayga and the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 thrashing the performance SUV market, BMW must make an entry to claim some sort of position or else it risks losing its position.

The BMW X7 is expected to be one of the most luxurious models BMW ever produced, even more than the current 7-series and should have 7 seats. Engines are probably going to include the twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 with over 600-hp and a possible V12 engine to cope with increased power competitors are bringing to the table.

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