Video: Why Electric Cars Take Over And Cause Oil Collapse Sooner than you think

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With the inevitable Oil glut that’s going to happen sooner than you expect, people are focusing on their current situation with hopes of improvement rather than just accepting the fact and adjusting to that current situation.

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The video is basically just telling you that renewable energy will takeover just like touch-screen phones did and everything that made life easier became more advanced by the year. LCD’S, LED’S, Plasma, box TV’S, turbochargers, touchscreens, 3D construction printing, drones, self landing rockets… and the list goes on. Year after year, we see how things change drastically and simply just fit in Our lifes to the point that we passively adapt them.

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Although this is bad news for us car enthusiasts, but that’s reality and we must face adversity with a smile and embrace it. I don’t know what will happen and how we will get to enjoy talking about good car exhaust sounds 10 years from now, but we will manage somehow – I guess.

It’s funny how everyone thought the Oil era would come to an end when Oil reserves come to an end, and the fact that we as a society became too advanced to use oil as a fuel for our civilization before it even reaches 80% of it’s current reserve is something to laugh about.

To be blunt, just imagine when 10% of the current world population switches to electric cars – That’s a 10% drop in oil consumption and the barrel keeps rolling until no one uses oil because they realize renewable energy is cheaper and better (evolution).


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