Best Places To Purchase Motorcycle Tyres in Dubai

Motorcycle Tyres in Dubai - KTM

Do you own a bike in Dubai and wonder where you can purchase the best Motorcycle tyres in Dubai? chances are if you visited this article, then you might be in the same boat as many of us who own a two wheeled machine and feel like a minority in Dubai.

Now, if you are new to the motorcycle scene – You must know that there are several cheap and expensive products out there, but the most important thing to look for is performance and grip. The last thing you want to do; is purchase a sub-par outdated tyre that will lose grip and slip on the dangerous streets of Dubai.

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Now, let’s go through some of the best Motorcycle tyres in Dubai to own and where you can purchase these tyres at the best prices from authorized dealers and without getting ripped off.

First of all; you should know that there are track tyres for extreme performance and street tyres which are comfortable but less grippy on the roads. Unless you are going to track your bike, we suggest you get street performance tyres that offer the best of both worlds.


What tyres should i get? 


  • (Super Performance on track, average street comfort) Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP V2 – Very expensive, but is one of the best performance tyres on the market with quick warm-up times and super sticky patches that stick to tarmac like nothing you have experienced before. It also remains very stiff throughout the journey and avails for great cornering surface area. But beware that this is a track tyre and is basically a slick tyre. Thankfully your chances of hydroplaning in Dubai are close to none due to the 1-2 times rain chances we get per year. If you are looking for comfort and long-life, avoid these tyres.t-dunlop-sportmax-q3
  • (Good performance on track, moderate street comfort) Dunlop Sportmax Q3 – made out of carbon fiber as apposed to lyocell fiber, the Sportmax Q3 has an ultra firm sidewall with longer and deeper grooves compared to the SP V2. It’s a little more road friendly but a little less grippy. This tyre is great for rainy days and a lot easier on your pocket. It also offers insane performance on street and on track, certainly a perfect tyre for Dubai roads.michelin-pilot-power-3
  • (Amazing street tyre with low track performance) Michelin Pilot Power 3 – Good for great street performance use and comfortable road trips thanks to the silicone compound to provide lower rolling resistance and more mileage. This tyre is great for a long lifetime use and still fairly affordable. Probably the best option for someone looking at touring tyres.


  • (Great street tyre with moderate track-ability) Bridgestone Battlax S20 Evo – A great tyre for someone looking for an aggressive everyday Tyre that can still do good for fun track days. Better mileage, good grip and a mono-spiral belt. It offers better track performance than the Michelin and blazes through street use with ease. Probably the better option if you track your bike once a month.


  • (moderate everyday performance) Metzeler Sportec M7 RR – The M7 RR is the everyday hero that can do it all if paired with another M7 RR at the rear. Although it doesn’t offer any specific qualities, it still is a very respectable tyre that can take on any road condition with composure and sufficient grip throughout the entire journey. It’s an average option than can still give you that joy ride every once in a while, not the best. But certainly a good tyre for everyday use in Dubai.

Ducati Motorcycle Tyres in Dubai

Where to get my tyres?

Here are a list of places to obtain Motorcycle Tyres in Dubai:

  1. Zedegree – – Although prices are a bit higher than the rest of the shops, they do offer warranty in case something goes wrong and you are guaranteed an authentic tyre that isn’t out of date. Please take note that the cheaper places in Sharjah and Ajman might sell you out of date tyres, which are not only dangerous but do not pass the RTA inspection. (open 7 days a week) The down side is that they only offer Metzeler brand tyres which aren’t the best.

  2. Pirelli official UAE distrubters – website locations you can select a shop from any of these authorized Pirelli distributes. We tried the one in Al Rashideya and it was a tad too expensive but we got great service and the latest tyres in the market.

  3. Bridgestone official UAE distributes – Lower prices but smaller selection of tyres.
    Al Quoz Outlet
    Sheikh Zayed Road (Service Rd.) beside Al Naboodah Showroom
    Tel : +971 (4) 3393773
    Fax : +971 (4) 3388338
Al Ghusais
Al Qusais Road (Inside Eppco Petrol Station) near Bustan Center
Tel : +971 (4) 2616610
Fax : +971 (4) 2614320
Zabeel Outlet
Zabeel Road (Inside Enoc Petrol Station opposite of Al Wasl Hospital)
Tel : +971 (4) 3370944
Fax : +971 (4) 3370988

You are now equipped with the right tools to find Motorcycle tyres in Dubai, good luck and please don’t forget to share this article with your fellow riders in Dubai!

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