Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE

Best Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

Looking for the best car insurance in UAE? We are here to help with some of the best car insurance companies that offer competitive rates and the best value for your car. Looking for car insurance in UAE can be often difficult, since so many companies offer the seemingly similar rates and prices.

What you might not know is that there are many underlying factors like insured car price, the amount of services included and the type of insurance coverage.

We will list some of the best car insurance companies below:


AXA Insurance in UAE (One of the best car insurance companies in UAE and certainly offers premium coverage but prices tend to be on the high side)

Phone: 800-AXA

Pros: Great service, good repair shops, fast and reliable service.

Cons: Very pricey compared to others


RSA Car Insurance in UAE

Phone: 800 772

Pros: 40% Discount for no claim and safe drivers and 10% discount for online purchase

Cons: A bit too pricey, no agency repair coverage on older cars and slow customer service


AIG Insurance in UAE

Phone: 800 1 244

Pros: Good prices, 40% discount for “no claim” safe drivers and nice optional extras like dent repair

Cons: Agency repairs limited to 1 year old vehicles only.


Oman Insurance in UAE

Phone: 800 1 642 (would avoid them if you are insuring older cars)

Pros: Low rates and comprehensive insurance on older cars

Cons: Awful after-service from third party garages and below average customer service

Although there are thousands of car insurance companies in Dubai that offer cheap rates and incredible offers, we advice to avoid such companies due to the awful after-service provided. A lot of insurance companies will deal with dodgy repair shops that use used parts to repair your car, and some don’t even bother to repair the mechanical bits properly.

Sticking to premium car insurance companies might cost you the extra Dirham, but your car will be fixed properly and wont lose its value upon sale.

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